enrichMiR: miRNA target enrichment analysis

This app will allow you to identify miRNAs whose targets are enriched among genesets of interest or a differential expression signature, and produce related visualizations. Although the app was chiefly developed (and benchmarked) for miRNAs, some support is also offered to run the same analyses using RNA-binding proteins.

    The app has two main functionalities:
  1. performing target enrichment analysis , either comparing your gene set of interest to a background set, or using the results of a differential expression analysis (DEA).
  2. generating foldchange cumulative distribution (CD) plots comparing targets and non-targets (requires the results of a differential expression analysis as input).

To get started, take a quick tour of the app, or browse the help on the upper-right corner.

Please report any bug in the github repository .

enrichMiR version 0.99.32 ; Schratt lab

Select Species and Collection

Note that some collections (e.g. scanMiR) might take a moment to load.


Specify expressed miRNAs (optional)

miRNA expression can be used to restrict and annotate the enrichment analysis. This information can either be given manually, provided by uploading a miRNA profile, or fetched from pre-loaded miRNA expression profiles

Choose between the two following input options

You may either upload the results of a differential expression analysis (DEA), or provide a set of genes of interest against a background set.


Advanced enrichment options

Advanced Options

We recommend to only change test settings after reading the enrichMiR documentation and the benchmark.
Some tests are always performed by default, namely the 'siteoverlap' test and (except for some annotations and assuming a DEA input) the 'areamir' test.

CD Plot

Cumulative distribution plots require the use of a DEA input, which you can upload at the input page. You may consult the tutorial for further info.